Application Period

Mobilizing the ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Chile and the world.

Impacta Seguridad was a broad invitation to people and organizations of all types, from Chile and abroad, to provide their ideas and concrete solutions to the Chilean government to help create more active, committed and organized neighborhoods, improving public security, something which benefits us all, by answering two innovation challenges: 

  • Somos Vecinos (We are Neighbors): How do we generate greater cooperation between neighbors to increase trust and security in difficult neighborhoods?
  • Viva el barrio  (The neighborhood lives on): How can we improve public infrastructure so that communities identify themselves with their neighborhoods?

The application period was launched on June 2nd of 2017 in an event in Huechuraba (Santiago Metropolitan Region) with about 300 participants and the participation of the Mahmud Aleuy, Undersecretary for Home Affairs, Carlos Cuadrado, mayor of Huechuraba, and Juan Felipe López, Executive Director of the Laboratorio de Gobierno.  

After a period of application through the online platform that lasted until July 19, 201 ideas responded to the call from all over Chile, mobilizing 760 entrepreneurs who applied as start-ups, neighborhood associations, NGOs, academics, study centers, SMEs. or natural persons. 


Selection of the 40 teams that pass onto the Demo Day

The 201 application were scrutinized by a selection committee composed of civil servant from both the Ministry of Interior and Public Safety and the Laboratorio de Gobierno. A final ranking of the solutions was made according to 3 criteria: the solution’s idea, the application team and the implementation potential. The 20 best evaluated projects per challenge passed directly to the Demo Day stage. 

See all the ideas which were evaluated.


The 40 selected teams must demonstrate the potential of their ideas to the Jury.

The chosen teams must demonstrate the potential of their ideas.

The Demo Day of an Impacta program is set out as a pitch of each one of the teams chosen, where they must demonstrate the potential of their ideas, receiving immediate feedback from the jury, comprised by stand-out representatives of the public and private world and from the Government Laboratory.

In this phase, the best evaluated projects of each challenge are awarded with $5,000,000 Chilean pesos and pass onto our Bootcamp.

Check out the  40 ideas that took part in the Demo Day and more picture of the event.  


One-month acceleration process in which the 20 teams prototype the solutions

From September 27 to October 25, the 20 selected teams took part in the Bootcamp of Impacta Seguridad, an full month of intense work, back to back, to develop and validate the prototypes of their solutions. 

To this end, each team received a subsidy of CLP$5.000.000 worth of funding together with methodological support from prominent experts of the private and public sector and the academia, along with a series of meetings with a wide array of civil servants and thematic experts. Finally, each team implemented a co-creation process of their proposals, together with the public authorities and citizens, in one of the six municipalities partners of Impacta Seguridad: Coquimbo, Huechuraba, Lo Barnechea, Pudahuel, Rancagua and Valparaiso. 

Check out the 20 projects that took part in the Bootcamp, and a video of the experience.


The finalists show their prototypes to the community and the jury.

On 26th of Octer the Bootcamp came to an end and with it, the long awaited day: the EXPO and award ceremony.

The EXPO was held in the Plaza de la Constitución right in front of the Presidential palace, in an event open to the public, where the 20 teams enjoyed the opportunity to display their solutions aimed at improving security in the country's municipalities to visiting citizens but also various authorities, as well as an expert jury that evaluated the solutions.  

Following the evaluation, the names of the 6 winners that will implement their pilot projects were announced in an award ceremony.

See more picture of the event.


The six winners implement their pilots on-field in 6 municipalities.

The six winning teams receive CLP$75 million to implement their pilots over 6 months in the chosen municipalities, with the methodological support of the Ministry for the Interior and Public Safety and the Laboratorio de Gobierno.  

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