What is impacta?

Impacta is the Chilean Government's Open Public Innovation Challenge, which is led by the Laboratorio de Gobierno.

impacta concurso abiert de innovación pública
Through this program, we want to attract and encourage talents who are from outside the Government, inviting them to get involved in complex public challenges with new ideas, technologies, products or services.


The State up to private talent through a priority public challenge.


A diverse ecosystem of Chilean and foreign entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.


solutions and transforms them into prototypes with their validated business models.


The best solutions to fit the reality and restrictions of a given issue into Government public policy.

main figures

We mobilize hundreds of entrepreneurs who are thinking about Chile's future


Entrepreneurs from Chile and the world have participated in the first two versions of Impacta.


winning teams

that today are working hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Energy, implementing solutions that are looking to improve the quality of life for all Chileans.



have invested into looking for innovative solutions to improve the life of the citizens.

We have worked together with

civil servants



State institutions

Generating solutions for problematic issues like health and energy.

Who is it directed at?

The Impacta call looks to mobilize a wide-ranging public from civil society and from the ecosystem of innovation, including: natural persons, neighborhood groups, professional bodies, students, universities, social organizations, NGOs, SMEs and entrepreneurs.


We are Neighbors

How do we generate greater cooperation between neighbors to increase trust and security in difficult neighborhoods?

We are looking for proposals that look to encourage cooperative solutions among neighbors, looking to answer common issues that affect their day-to-day relations, in order to collaborate towards improving their perceptions of security in the neighborhood.

The Neighborhood lives on

How can we improve public infrastructure so that communities better identify themselves with their neighborhoods?

We want to find solutions focused on recognizing distinctive aspects of each neighborhood, in order to provide a common identity to the public infrastructure that the communities use on a daily basis in their neighborhoods.